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Located 95 miles south of Louisville, Kentucky, just east of Campbellsville and north of Green River Lake, Bear and Thistle Farm is centered on 25 acres of lush hilltop pasture, graced by two small ponds and surrounded by more than 100 acres of eastern mixed hardwood forest.

This is a farm in the making - a small farm, not just in size, but in the tradition of small farms of an era gone by, where food is grown with care and the land is both conserved and utilized to support a complex patchwork of complimentary enterprises.  You'll find no monoculture here, no single crop or kind of animal raised; nor is the goal to make the most profit.  Instead, we aim for diversity of products, preservation of heritage species, good stewardship of the watershed, soil and forest, and participation in a healthy local economy, all accomplished with few external, non-renewable inputs. 

They used to call these self-sufficient farms "subsistence" farms, which implied a desperate scraping by, doing without, and sacrifice of comforts.  They were and are nothing of the sort.  We believe the value of small, independent, diversified farms is being rediscovered in this time of declining energy and oil supplies, global economic struggles for food and natural resources, nationwide problems with food safety, and concern for the environment.  We have decided to join the growing numbers of hard-working, innovative, concerned Americans who are called to live the life of a community-based farmer, thoughtfully caring for a piece of land and adding to the local economy by raising health-giving crops and grass-fed livestock humanely, in concert with the entire web of life, not in opposition to it.

We welcome you to sit and browse a bit; find out why we're building this farm, watch it grow from what it is to what it will be, and hopefully someday pay us a visit in person, as we journey toward living the life we have imagined.
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